Selling With Us

We take pride in our appreciation of items from your personal past. Should you wish to sign up with our consignment deal, we would be more than happy to display and help shift your merchandise at our store.

How is it done, you ask? Follow the step-by-step guide below and don’t forget to thoroughly read our Terms & Conditions.

How to Sell With Us


Prepare Your Items

First and foremost, prepare the items you want to sell.
Subsequently you can use the following methods:
Drop off:
Personally come to the Footurama store and drop off your items.
Have your merchandise delivered to our store.
Pick-up Service:
Make use of our special pick-up service to recover your goods.


Sign The Contract

Fill in the Consignment Agreement, set your price and double- check that your items comply with Footurama’s quality standards (please refer our Terms & Conditions). Please bear in mind that Footurama will incur a 30% commission on sales.


Get Paid

If your item(s) sells, expect to receive payment between the 10th and 12th of every month. You will also receive a sales report of the product status on every 1st day of the month.