Sustainable Brand – Older Brother

Born and raised in Portland, Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery have been accustomed to being eco-conscious. They have been taught to recycled, composted, as well as monitored their water consumption and learn where did their food came from. One day, their dads happen to sit next to each other, which led them to finally met on 2013,  who happen to share the same concern when it comes to the clothing industry. They are used to putting organic and all-natural foods, but they realized that when they were putting on their close, it was not in line with their lifestyle at all, therefore, the wanted to create a brand that was natural without having to compromise their taste in style and fashion.

Based on the philosophy of wabi sabi, Bonaparte and Kingery created Olderbrother, a clothing label that focuses on creating gender-neutral clothings made out of locally crafted materials such as eco-conscious textiles such as California-derived organic cotton and renewable plant-based synthetics, that could organically decompose if you buried it in your backyard. In addition to that, they also use all-natural dyeing processes utilizing natural pigments like madder root and turmeric. They chose to only produce gender-neutral pieces as they wanted to make sure that the pieces can be worn by anyone, without having the limitation of sex.

For their latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection, they reportedly have bought 7kgs of turmeric to naturally dye the pieces. Although their LA space smells like curry for weeks, they have successfully launched a collection, entitled “Summer Days”,  that features a range of shorts, T-shirts, as well as a loose button-downs and onesies. Click here to see the whole look from their SS17 collection.

Words by Sabrina Soebhektie